Food photographer in sydney

Food Photographer Sydney – Tips On Capturing Outstanding Images

Food photography is certainly not an easy job. But, you can manage to capture outstanding images by just going through the following important points.


A good food photographer Sydney will help you following important tips.

  • It is always a preferable idea to blur the background of food photography
  • Using a narrow depth of field is always considered to be a great idea.
  • You can in fact use a window as the background but not with your direct sunlight
  • You should use fill flash otherwise your subject will be too dark. The bright background on the other hand would silhouette the food even without help from flash.
  • You should then diffuse flash with either greaseproof paper or also a complete purpose made diffuser.
  • You can then shoot on a level with the food and certainly not looking down on it.
  • You should always ensure all important ordinary household lights are switched off perfectly. You should always remember the fact that different lights have different temperature and also camera sensors.
  • It is also advisable to check camera with white balance for sunlight.
  • In case you are performing photography in kitchen, you should then check that the range of hood light is fully off.
  • You should then use tripod and also either a remote shutter release or also timer on the camera. This is something that can make image pin sharp by just removing your camera shape from equation.

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